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ARK’s Pegables™ is a fun, interactive way for kids to play and learn.  This 14-piece set includes:  2 “Big C” shapes, 2 “Small c” shapes, 2 u shapes, 4 long straight shapes, and 4 short straight shapes.  Mix and match the different pieces to create everything from a jellyfish to a bear to the Eiffel Tower.  Practice letters in both upper and lowercase.  Work on comparisons (such as big vs. small) and spatial relationships (such as top, bottom, between, over, left/right).  Create faces to discuss different emotions.  Build a sailboat with the young sailors or a cake for the birthday boy/girl.  Prompt children with an idea, or give them a template to match, or let them come up with their own creations.  The sky is the limit!

Each Pegables™ piece features a peg in its center – encourage children to pick up the pieces up by that peg to practice their fine motor skills.  If this is too difficult, grade the activity down by putting pencil grips over the pegs.  This builds up the diameter of the peg, making it easier to grasp. Each Pegables™ piece also has ridges on the top and texture on the bottom – run your fingers along these surfaces for extra tactile learning / sensory information.

Made in the USA  Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Columbia, South Carolina, USA by ARK Therapeutic.  Adult supervision recommended.  Highly recommended for visual and/or hands-on learners.  No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex.