Gift Bag Set (0-3mos)

Gift Bag Set (0-3mos)

  • $45.00

Our 0-3 months Gift Bag includes the Ninni Co. Pacifier, Ark Baby Grabber, & O-ball Rattle, all wrapped and packed for you!  Feel free to email or call us upon placing your order to choose your colours! Or leave it a surprise and let us pick!


Ninni: Carefully engineered, patented, groundbreaking pacifiers. A beautiful combination of American manufacturing expertise and first-hand momma knowledge. 

The round base contains several holes to ensure breathing safety, and is the perfect size to touch your baby’s cute button nose, inviting a wide mouth breastfeeding-type latch. Your baby can easily grasp the super soft nipple section, drawing it back to the soft palate of the mouth, where he can put in the same oral motor work as he does while latched on to momma.

Baby Grabber: ARK's Baby Grabber® is designed to calm and soothe infants who are in the early stages of development.  At approximately 5-6 months, babies start mouthing and chewing in order to strengthen their mouth muscles and exercise their lips, tongue, and jaw. This oral exploration prepares them to eat solid foods and to make speech sounds later on.  The Baby Grabber® provides a safe outlet for babies to develop these skills.  It can also assist in self-organization, in the transition from puréed to textured foods, and in soothing sore gums.  While all surfaces of the Grabber® can be chewed on, the extension provides input all the way to the back molar area.  Highly recommended for any babies in the mouthing stage, but particularly those with hypersensitivity and oral sensory defensiveness.  Measures approximately 4 inches in length and just under 2 inches across the loop.

O-Ball: Little ones can shake, rattle, and roll with the Oball Rattle! Boasting the same playful features and virtually indestructible design as the original Oball, this ball also has rattles filled with colourful beads that are sure to fascinate baby.

  • BPA, PVC, Latex, and Phthalates-free
  • Perfect for children of all ages
  • Oball measures 4” in diameter
  • Dishwasher-safe